Michael Mondavi Family Estate

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Heritage Block

Vineyard Intro

In 2006, Michael Mondavi Family Estate acquired Sauvignon Blanc vine cuttings from Oakville’s To Kalon Vineyard, which is thought to be the oldest surviving Sauvignon Blanc material in North America. The original vines trace their lineage directly to Château d’Yquem, arriving in California in the 1880’s through Charles Wetmore who was the head of the California State Viticultural Commission at the time. When the new vineyard was planted, Michael Mondavi Family Estate selected the same rootstock and trellising used in the 19th century to further preserve the historical method of grape growing and the remarkable living history of the plant genetics.

Vineyard Specs

~ 1.25 Acres
~ Produces 6 barrels of Sauvignon Blanc per year
~ Atlas Peak AVA